Merlin's Tower

The lore of Merlin's TowerEdit

Merlin was one of the first humans openly accepted at Mystic Grove. Merlin himself is long since gone, humans being mortal as they are, but Merlin Companions appear to some by lost human majicks not understood even here at The Grove. It is known that Merlin appears at the side of those who have done outstanding deeds in service to Mystic Grove or its inhabitants. Merlin is a Master Wizard, his knowledge a mixture of Human, Elven, Nature and many other majicks, sometimes it get away from him. However, the professional student, he is constantly learning more and trying new things. His tower is set up outside The Grove itself due to these experiments. Blowing up Mystic Grove with a spell or potion gone wild would be a very difficult thing to explain to The Queen and High Council! Merlin is also full or life and fun, he loves a good prank and has been known to use his potions to alter the colors and on a rare occassion, the shape itself for his intended victim of a laugh. Alchemy, being one of his favorite hobbies, has been used many times in The Grove to make such alterations. As Merlin is a being of majick, he is capable of majicks unknown by other races at The Grove. What new abilities his majick offers is yet to be explored.


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