Deep Waters

The lore of the Deep WaterEdit

The waters are full of life and The Sea is no different. Many diverse Races live within it's expansive territory. Some Goodly, others not, friction rarely occurs between them due to the massive area in which they live. Most of the time, dangers come to the Goodly Races of the Sea from the land. The Prowies which live near the Coast are a very dangerous and real threat to those Goodly Races in the water, though the Prowies are by no means their only threat. Not much is known about the origin of the MerFolk. It is believed they, along with the residents of The Island of Lost Knowledge are both descendent's of a more ancient Humaniod Race that was destroyed long before the known history starts. many strange and unexplainable majicks and knowledge come from the MerFolk and their recusive cousins. Many other Goodly and neutral races live in the vast water, including Watchers and Protectors. Merfolk and MerFaries tend to be quite passive in nature, wishing only to swim, learn, grow and play. Quite beautiful and with voices of pure song, they are often sought after by seafarers. Cousins to the Unicorn on land. The Seaicorns generly are quite similar to their cousins in personality, preference and desires. Cousins to the Pegasi in the sky. The Seaicorns generly are quite similar to their cousins in personality, preference and desires. Though the sea is generally peaceful, even in such a beatiful place those wishing only to control and conquer live as well.


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