Cursed Forrest

The lore of the Cursed ForestEdit

Dangerous as it is eerie, the Cursed Forest is not a good place to travel even during the light of day. At night it becomes even more deadly. Many strange Races live here, some that can change forms. Others are those that have been cursed either by the use of majick or the will of The Gods! All seem to be bent on desruction and there are no known friends to the Goodly Races living inside the borders of the Cursed Forest. It is also believe that somewhere inside the forest is a portal connecting our world to the Underworld! This has not been verified however, for no one who has gone scouting Inside the Cursed Forest to find the hidden portal has returned. Underworld Beings have been seen coming and going from the forest quite often of late which lends more weight to the belief that the portal does exist.


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