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World of Mystic GroveEdit

The Mystic Grove lies in the center of many majickal places! Some are friendly and full of enchantment, others quite dangerous and populated by many deadly Ungoodly foes. Hidden by the Elven Majick Shroud and by the natural majicks of the areas surrounding it, few Humans ever see Mystic Grove and only those who are welcomed can find it. The majickcal and nature races can see it quite well, unfortunately that includes both the Goodly and Ungoodly Races, for they all have the majickal sight granted them centuries past. War between the Goodly and Ungoodly Races has continued since time began. The Goodly only wishing to live, learn, and grow in peace; the Ungoodly bent on destruction or riches, either by their own design or that of their Gods. Recently the Life Spell which flows in and through the River of Life at the edge of Mystic Grove spiraled out of control, calling life forces from the next world back to ours at alarming rates! Lady FireStarr, High Elven Princess and Heir to the throne, against the Queen's and High Council's wishes, undertook a long trip past the Grove's borders in search of Goodly Humans who might help take care of the gemstones containing the lifeforce of those being called back. Many worthy have answered the call and have come to see wonders they once believed were only myth and legend. Walk amongst The Grove and explore its wonders and beauty. If you dare, venture on, but don't go too far! Most areas right around Mystic Grove are safe and contain allies, unless we are under attack of course! Venture too far and the beings become neutral to you or worse. Stay away from the caves. While most Dwarfs are allies, there are some who have chosen to follow a path different from their brethren. Dragons also found can be quite helpful and friendly. Just be careful, if they are hungry! There are also caves that will take you straight to the Dark World! May the Gods & Goddesses watch over you if ye enter for few ever return....


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